Voders English

In the view of our Turkish partner, Voders English, there is a "bleeding wound" in English language learning in the country:  students take English classes in school for almost 10 years, but most do not attain a proficient level of English speaking ability.  Voders English addresses this problem in a creative way with the use of Scientific Learning's products to provide a cognitive skills-based solution to get students speaking English fast!

As most people familiar with Fast ForWord know, the original intent of the program was not focused on English language learning.  Over time, however, users of Fast ForWord (as well as Reading Assistant) have come to understand the power of the programs for second language acquisition.

Under the guidance of Mehmet Engin Uysal and Erkam Çakal, Voders English has developed an English language learning solution that is fun and entertaining for students, and which utilizes a variety of materials and techniques to keep students engaged.  This approach develops the underlying cognitive skills necessary for strong language development, and includes the use of text materials, flashcards, wall posters and props to augment Fast ForWord, as well as engaging and fast-paced physical activities that stimulate the brain and improve memory and concentration.  The goal for everything that Voders does is to get the student to "think" in English, which helps facilitate the ability and confidence to speak proficiently in the language.

Voders Children

Voders English is a relatively new reseller for Scientific Learning, but their growth has been explosive; in just over one year they are already serving several thousands of students from their current network of 48 Voders centers around Turkey (with locations in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara and other metropolitan areas), as well as via their partnerships with many public and private schools.  In addition, in partnership with our Singapore-based reseller, BrainFit Studio, the Voders group currently manages nine BrainFit Studio learning centers, which use neuroscience principles to build brain fitness in students of all ages.

For more information about Voders English or BrainFit Studio in Turkey, please contact Mehmet Uysal at menginuysal@gmail.com.